Horse Shopping

Leslie is available to assist you in shopping for your next horse both in the US and abroad.  She has traveled extensively and has excellent connections to help you find the right horse for you.


45 minutes ~ $55


Please call for rates

A Little Bit More...

Leslie has been an avid horse lover and competitor since she was 10. Starting first with Saddlebreds, she was turned on to dressage by a close friend and instantly fell in love. In 2005, after years of being a working student and completing her education at the University of Oregon, Leslie embarked on becoming a professional trainer and instructor alongside developing her career outside the horse industry.

Leslie is a USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medal rider and trainer in the Willamette Valley. She has worked with and trained all levels of riders from the beginner through FEI and has worked with many local breeders and young horses. She teaches classical principles of Dressage and has ridden and learned with many top trainers in the world including Conrad Schumacher, Jan Ebeling, Volker Brommann and numerous others.

Currently offering concierge instruction throughout the NW, Leslie travels to all the barns she teaches at, but does not take any horses in a full training capacity.  She is a firm believer in teaching horses and riders to become better through instruction rather she than being the one on the horse all the time.  The time her students spend in the saddle learning, the more prepared they are to achieve their goals and be able to relish their successes!